Icons & Signs


In general, a Panda is associated with gentle strength, peace and goodluck with a positive outlook on life. Like the bear, it provides powerful support for those who need courage and steadiness in their endeavors. 

Adapt the Panda spirit ! With calm determination, take your time to reach your goals. But: make sure you GO for it! You are aware of your environment and the energies around you. Always be prepared to help others. Because they might just need your push to create their own ENERGY ! And always with a wink: indeed life is serious, but never forget to en joy every moment of it. TheWinkingPandaIcon symbolizes all of this. Live it, call it out and wear it!


Amongst others, pink orchids symbolize grace, joy and happiness. Make sure you always enjoy yourself and life to the fullest.

But for BePerry the pink orchid symbolizes more. One of the important inspirations for and close to the brand is an old woman who had an unbeatable life force. That woman reached an age of no less than 105; her favorite flower was the pink orchid. So, to honour her and to take that life force and vitality with you on your (sportive) journeys, the pink orchid is on the BePerryGear. It could be on your chest, close to your heart. On your back, to push you forward. Or on your legs, to give you continuous strengths. 

When you need just that extra physical push during workout or race, then feel the spirit of ThePinkOrchid. And you will do fine !

ThumbsUp !

The ultimate positive sign everybody recognizes. No matter what language you speak. No questions asked. Make sure you share your pics and vids of your achievements, showing you are happy to have been successful in achieving your goals ! ThumbsUp !